Friday, February 21, 2014

Italeri - US Half Tracks

Finished these yesterday

Nice little models, well engineered, and no flash

All of about ten parts each, very good wargames models

Partly undercoated on sprue

Vallejo Dark Green, black wash, then two stages of lighter dry-brushing

Decals from the spares bag. I usually leave nation markings off this sort of kit so that the Russians can use them as well; made an exception with these

Could easily pimp these up a bit more, but they'll do for now. I have enough of these to mount two companies of US Armoured Infantry. Nice kits, x2 for $20.


  1. Good Job Al. They have come up really well. You need one with the Maxon Mounting in the back though. There's something quite unsettling about the thought of 4 x 50's banging away all at once!

    1. lol, yeah will sort something out for them Col :)

  2. Very tidy.

    I love my Italeri M3s as well. So easy to put together and useful.

  3. What a great looking addition to your forces!

  4. Handy and dandy mate. We must be twins!

  5. Very very nice Al. At that price you really can't go wrong!

  6. They look great here and on Paul's blog as well. Love those quick build Italieri kits. I'm definitely on the lookout for some for my Brits.

  7. Mixed with the PSC, Academy Hasagawa and Airfix that should give a good bit of variety!

  8. You're on to it boys, they are good kits and would seem to mix well with others. Look forward to seeing some of your work :)