Monday, March 23, 2015

Cavalry machinegun platoon

Still some minor work to do on these...

The horses are from the extremely excellent Revell WW2 artillery set. The figure is Hat trooper with headswap. Added saddlery furniture and a broken-down mmg from the bits box 

Haven't painted horses for ages

Based for CD. Could have included a second mounted trooper but the base size is big enough as it is

This is the dismounted equivalent. HaT figures with headswaps   

Haven't added anything figure-wise to my WW1 collection for ages, so these have been fun. 

Thanks again to all who gave the T55 a bit of thought, I'm thinking sideskirts it is; to be continued...


  1. Great idea, the conversions are superb Al.

  2. I agree, very clever conversion!

  3. I can only echo what the others say - this is a very clever idea superbly executed!

  4. Thanks lads, show you some more soon

  5. Like it, I also agree that the Revell horses are very good

  6. Well done, love the cavalry MG platoon...