Tuesday, March 31, 2015

De Havilland Sea Venom

The last of my Korean War projects for now

Very tidy, well engineered kitset, no flash, no faults

Pilot is an Esci ground crew figure with the head off a sci-fi figure I found in my bits box, not the best but better than nothing

Base colours, sea grey with thin black shading

Locking in the tail section

Added missiles from the bits box

Working up the topside colours, deep sea blue, think black wash

These were actually operational by the late 1940s and eventually saw service with about ten different nations

They saw active service in multiple conflicts until withdrawn in the early 1960s

Much smaller compared to the US carrier based Panther.


  1. Good looking model Al. The RAN used these in the 50's and 60s (a bit before my time!) Do you find you have to weight the noses on these trike planes?

  2. Good work.
    Fine old model.
    Vixen and Ghost belonged to the same series
    "Mother" Vampire was the first jet fighter FAF.

  3. took me a while to build that one, thanks lads. Col, yeah mate, probably should but when used in games they're on a stick so it doesn't mater too much :)