Sunday, June 7, 2015

Brewster Buffalo

Pictures of the completed aircraft. Operated by several nations throughout The Second World War

I tried to make the paint scheme as multi-national as I could, including nondescript markings

Fortunately this kit came with a pilot figure

I tried to use old fuselage decals but they broke up, so in the end I had to paint some markings ... not an easy task 

The colours, etc are loosely Dutch East Indies but the Finish and Belgians used these too in a similar pattern

The Dutch used this aircraft in a dive bomber role, so I added a couple of small bombs from the spares box

This is an excellent addition to my aircraft collection. I had been after one of these for some time. Thanks Paul for sending it.


  1. Nice stuff...I have the seed of a project germinating in the back of my mind for Bag the Hun using Finnish and Soviet I need another project!!

  2. Nice work, and airplane too..
    I like brewster

    Nicknames: Butt - Valtter, heaven pearl, Flying beerkeg or Ryysteri = slurp

  3. Thanks lads, glad you like it. Al, as they say in the RN "more is better" :) :)