Friday, June 5, 2015


Tracy got me this the other day. It is one of the tanks that came with a magazine

I've put some black wash on it, and will finish the highlighting over the weekend

My Pz38t collection now numbers x4

These are by Pegasus, crew figure is by Preiser

This one is by Czech company Attack; the oldest in my collection of these

x1 reinforced tank company or x2 under strength ones.


  1. Very nice, those magazines are great for building up collections and reference material.

  2. Hi.
    A good job and pretty series
    Traditional tank models.

    The Czech Republic has a large metal industry, (including today) cars, guns, motorcycles, machin tools (industrial lathes and presses)

  3. Good grief mate. Trace deserves a medal!

    Nice addition. I have a few of these I need to finish as well. You may have given me the push I needed.

  4. Nice little early-war thinking of marching them up the A3 again, I warn you it's solid nose-to-tail most days, and Mainwaring's chaps will get them trapped in the Hindhead tunnel!

    1. lol Hugh, I don't miss the traffic!

      Cheers gang, a nice addition indeed :)

  5. Any more and I will have to call you Rommel ;)