Sunday, June 28, 2009

Alpine Infantry

Just the one today. The very old Aixfix figures mixed with some from Caesar. As you can see the height match is reasonable, although I may yet remove the bases from the new ones, if anything it is the proportions of the figures that is most noticeable. I have added ruck-sacks made from Greenstuff and will post some pictures of the completed unit later so you can decide how well they mix together in the final ensemble. This picture doesn't really show the comparison accurately so don't hold off buying some, if you were thinking about it.


  1. Hi Al, nice to see the Mountain troops making an appearance. In my view they were Airfix's greatest figure set.

  2. Hi Paul, I would have to say a close second to the 2nd edition Commandos mate! Matchbox Japanese are theirs I would suggest.



  3. Hmmm 2nd edition Commando's are quite tidy but very naked in terms of kit, I would suggest that the cap comforter is overdone in all the Commando kits...perhaps its time for a producer to release a product set during the 41-43 period in Norway, there were at least 10 operations during this period...I would wager some troops actually wore their helmets and jerkins!