Thursday, June 11, 2009

Late War Armour

These were really good kits to make, and they may even get some more detailing eventually. I usually use crew figures to designate the command platoon of each company, as always some look better than others.
These are the soft plastic Airfix Centurions. They have featured in only a couple of games thus far, but will certainly be in a few more now that my Korean War project is becoming better researched. The lead tank has had the turret hatch drilled out to accommodate a command figure. I can understand that serious model makers aren't that fond of this kind of kit (if you can call it a kit) but for wargames they are just fine.


  1. Nice to see these old warriors in action! Not sure about the camo scheme though, all the pictures I have sen show plain olive green with the WW2 'Allied star' halfway along the side.
    You really need to alter the gun barrel too as the ones in Korea did not have the fume extractor midway along the gun barrel. I actually used an after market T.34 85mm barrel on mine as it is about the right size

  2. Ah, thanks, never thought of using a T34 gun, interesting. Do you have a Korean collection?