Sunday, June 21, 2009

Some more Allied armour

Apart from the awkward track assembly, these Revell Cromwells' are really great models to make. The detail is very good all round.

Not sure what make these Stuarts are but they are among my favourite Allied tanks.


  1. Hey, thanks for the comment. I'm posting here because this post is hugely relevant to my interests. What scale are the Revell Cromwells and how do they measure up to the Airfix and Revell Shermans? I'm trying to keep vehicles 1:76 if possible.

    I'm guessing the track assembly is the same as the Revell Comet, which wasn't all *that* bad really compared to the Firefly's snapping one.

  2. Most welcome. The Cromwells mix very well with other stuff in my opinion, more 1/72 but as they sit quite low on their chassis they have a more squat appearance, if that makes sense; bigger than Airfix but smaller than most others including Armourfast, Paul over at Plastic Warriors will certainly be able to better advise you, I would suggest. Hope this helps.