Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Here are a couple of pictures of the new Pegasus BT5s. The detail is quite outstanding for what is basically a snap-together-kit. These arrived earlier this week along with some Caesar WW2 German Mountain Infantry.

You get two models per box, which I can't show because the store I brought them from will take them out to save you money on the postage, at your request.

They took all of about five minutes to complete and are an excellent addition to my early war Soviet collection.


  1. Nice kits Al,where did you get those from?

  2. Thanks mate. Got them from a shop in Taiwan called Always Models. For NZD$52 including postage I got four tank kit plus the Alpine troops, all delivered in six days.

  3. What a great deal.Pegasus are coming out with some great wargaming kits. Really nice to see some 'not so well known' AFV being produced. Keep up the posting.