Monday, June 1, 2009

Weekend Gaming

Don't get to play too many games these days for mostly geographical reasons. However, this weekend a Friend braved the alpine pass, and we played two games. The first, the battle of Stonne, France 1940; historically this hilltop village changed hands fourteen times in a single day.

The second game we played was a possible encounter between UN and Communists forces in Korea, 1951.The scenario included some quirky special rules to give it a bit more of a Korean flavour, these included road-blocks behind the lines that would hamper relief and, later, evacuating UN forces.

The evacuation turned into a 'Bug-out' for the outnumbered US troops, with most companies at low morale and carrying wounded. Fortunately for them, the first of the British
relief forces arrived after fighting through the road-blocks. (US figures are a mixture of several brands, British are from A Call to Arms)

Last picture is my friend mustering more UN relief forces, which would engage the Communist road-blocks, so that the trucks and jeeps they were escorting could evacuate the Americans.

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