Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Early German Armour

All of these have featured in previous posts. They are three favourites from my early war German collection, which I intend to spend some time touching up over the holidays. Although I already have plenty to do already (an entire Japanese brigade for starters) these really need some time spent on them.

I've had this PI for ages, no idea of its manufacturer, I think the crewman is by Preiser. Most of my vehicles have some decal markings but I've never really paid that much attention to their accuracy. Since seeing some much clever and correct stuff on the Blogs' of others I have decided to put more effort into correct vehicle markings.

The 38t was not a great kit to assemble. Wish I had more of these but for a lot of my older stuff I just purchased whatever was available, and didn't really have battalion sized units in mind either. Again, don't know its maker.

Thinking back, this one may have been assembled with nail glue; incorrect markings already noted.

Pretty sure this one is by Matchbox. Hopefully my massive project list will be a bit shorter by the time I go back to work in February, but I may have added to it by then, also.


  1. Nice little models. The chap in the turret of the PzI certainly looks like he's enjoying the ride!


  2. Me? Treadhead? Hah!

    Thanks boys, I'll be sure to post some pictures of them all once they've been repainted.