Saturday, December 26, 2009

More New Arrivals

I got a couple of sets of Japanese figures from my wife yesterday. I had said that I wanted Japanese but didn't specify the brand or anything else, so I was very pleased to receive two sets that I didn't already have. They are both Waterloo 1815 varieties and are very well sculpted sets. The first is a support group which includes an infantry gun, nice, and the second an infantry set. The former is close in style to the new Italeri sets, but mercifully not as big, whilst the latter is similar to Caesar's figures.

Poor picture, but it shows the size well enough.

I got this aircraft from my daughter, and as I didn't have any Russian ones it was a very good choice.

Last one, another from my daughter, and another I didn't have. She has certainly done well this year in getting me new and interesting stuff and long may it continue. I think I have about two weeks now to get some serious Japanese formations completed so the aircraft will have to wait, but I'll post you all a few pictures as work progresses. Hope you all had a good time for Christmas.


  1. I'm Polish. When I was child (7 years old), the models of Yak-1M was available in all toy-shops in Poland. Unfortunately it was 1 of 4 models made in Poland. Because there was Cold War and I lived behind the Iron Curtain - it was only 4 models which I could buy in my country.

    Models from western allied forces or nazi's aircaft was treated as contraband and modelling it was punished by law.

    Have a lot fun with your Yak! :)

  2. Appreciate your comment Yori, no doubt your selection choices have improved since then. Regards Al

  3. I'll be very interested to see how your Japanese turn out. On the point that Yori made - in the early 60's when I was a small lad you could only buy toy soldiers to represent the Allies in WWII. Nobody made any Germans until eventually Airfix released their first set of 1/72 ones (which were very poor!). In the larger plastic 54mm scale I had to have Britains Swoppet infantry fight against Timpo British Marines. It was well into the 1970's before any sort of decent range of German stuff was available in 1/72. So even in the UK there was a sort of restriction - not an official one but one imposed because little boys were not supposed to want to be the baddy Germans!

  4. Interesting how a hobby can be affected by politics. Have throughly enjoyed reading your comments lads.


  5. I Have the japanese also. Great set

  6. Yeah, the Japanese are starting to look alright. Some mix well, some not, stay tuned. regards, Al

  7. You must have been a good boy this year to get all those gifts Al, lucky sod!!!