Monday, December 28, 2009

Japanese, WIP

Watching test cricket, smoking, drinking, and messing around with miniatures, joy! Here are a few pictures of my progress with the new Japanese.

I've settled on six battalions of infantry, plus the normal HQ units and engineers. If I get really enthusiastic I'll add the final regiment, full engineer and bridging elements to make for an entire division in CD terms; full strength artillery attachments, however will be more problematic as I don't have enough Japanese guns.

This battalion is made up solely from the Waterloo 1815 set

These are the MMG platoons for the infantry battalions.

Don't have enough models of them so have had to knock-up a couple of mortar stands, still have to tidy the waist on this one with green-stuff.

Here are the donor figures, many thanks to Paul from Plastic Warriors for these spares, couldn't have fully equipped the battalions with mortars or weapons platoons without them.

Another mortar knock-up, the tube is from an Italeri German figure set.

Anti-tank rifle platoons and gun crew stand.

This one is of the pole-charge anti-tank sections, one that I made, and one new one. You might have to wait awhile to see painted pictures, but we'll see how we go.

Was getting pretty desperate for MMG stands so this old Atlantic something or other stood in, it never had a head in the first place so I wasn't losing much. If I acquire some more MMG figures before paint time for this unit I'll replace it as the gun, crude and representative as it is, simply looks awful, anyway, we'll see.

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