Monday, December 14, 2009

WW2 British

Late war British Infantry, mostly Revell, and probably the best set available for non-desert British forces. Generally I think UK figures are seriously under represented for WW2 and what choices we do have are quite old. I can't understand why there is no decent set of BEF for both wars?

I only have one battalion of this unit for late war games, as this period is not as interesting as others in WW2, to me that is.

This unit has in fact seen more games in the Korean War than it has WW2, but once I get a look at the new HaT weapons set I may look to beef it up a bit. If anyone has the ear of a manufacturer, other than Red Box, get them to put some BEF in the pipeline for us would you?


  1. I know what you mean I had to get mine in metals which is far too expensive ;)

  2. Too true Geordie, I've looked at metals several times to fill this gap but everything else I have is in plastic and would like to keep it that way.