Sunday, December 13, 2009

WW1 German Jaeger

This is about the only project I've found time to work on lately. These are very nice figures that I would recommend to anyone with an interest in the Great War. The first picture shows a command platoon from one of the line companies.

Rifle platoon from the same unit. All of them still need the odd touch-up here and there but this will have to wait for the holidays, which clearly can't come soon enough as I found myself looking at re-enlistment options earlier this week.

Here is the full company. I even painted the belt buckles on these figures which is highly unusual for me.

Last one shows the battalion command stand. This figure is an absolute classic and I have used it on several projects, including an NKPA command platoon for my Korean War collection. I think the uniforms, and particularly the head-dress, on these figures will lend themselves to a great many other options for German forces from both wars; field police, etc.


  1. Nice little figures - what make are they?


  2. Thanks, these are from HaT