Thursday, February 18, 2010


A few pictures of some gun crew and support stands that I've been working on. There are plenty of German options for us to choose from but most other nations are sadly under represented. I usually try to modify them slightly, such as the addition of a small item of kit or personal weapon. The first three in this picture are Airfix, not sure about the one on the right, couldn't find it on PSR.

This stand usually crews the 120mm mortars, Pegasus figures with rifles added.

Revell figures from the early days when I used to shade, hightlight, etc. This crew is out of the box for a touch up and re-base.

This one is more of a support stand, they don't often get used in combat roles, as they lack the necessary fire power to really achieve anything on the table top.

Same with this unit. German signals platoon, figures are Pegasus. I started work of the SU76 I scored a while ago, and will post a few pictures of that soon; a massive 107 parts, not exactly my usual choice for a wargaming model, but a few nights work plus painting should be a nice change.


  1. Oh slow down for pete's sake you are making all of us feel guilty!

    Nice work all the same. Especially like the Brit figs, Hats new Brits should provide plenty of scope for gun crew options. I thought I would be able to pull a heap of of my Valiant British spares but they are just too huge set amongst the Wpns.

  2. What? I'm trying to keep up with you!

    Know what you mean about the Valiant figures mate, they could have been a real seller if they had matched better with figures people already have in their collections.

  3. Al - great blog - recently had it pointed out to me by Robin Sutton. I've added your Atom Feed to the AWC Website at - Keep up the great work!

  4. Thanks, will do likewise. I've met Robin once, nice bloke who sure knows his history.

  5. Gr8 work Al."the early days when I used to shade"
    Why don't you do that anymore. A wash would bring the figures more to life. Beacause the painting looks wonderfull for me it just needs a little more deeph!

  6. Yeah, I hear you, I guess I've just got lazy. Have actually started looking at this army painter dip stuff, and some suitable citadel washes, stay tuned.