Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Selected platoon stands from my, Great War, Royal Marines Light Infantry battalion group. I did this unit several years ago for a large Gallipoli game we were doing, I think it might have been 2nd Krithia. I have learnt a lot about cleaning up figures and other modification techniques since, and yet see that I still managed to miss a few mould lines, etc on my latest Marine attempts, anyway....

I have already started repainting and tidying up most of this unit because they are looking a bit shabby in places.

Most of the figures are Hat WW1 British Infantry and the superb ANZACs, and there are a few Emhar ones in the mix also.

Most simply had head swaps or the odd arm repositioned.

I think the pith helmets came from a Esci set.

I've also made the ANZAC figures into trench raiders; which I've displayed in earlier posts.

If anything, the Emhar figures are slightly smaller than the others in overall proportion. This MMG platoon is not one of my better efforts because the base is a bit small for a crewed weapon.

The figure on the right is not one of my favourites but looks a bit better with repositioned arms.

One of the company command platoons.

This command platoon's figures are by Waterloo 1815. I also have LMG, trench mortar and signal platoons for later war actions. I haven't got any plans to create a new unit of these any time soon, however, HaT has plans for WW1 BEF which may inspire new conversion attempts for my growing Marines collection.


  1. Hmm, interesting I am thinking of expanding my WWI plastics range.

    A RMLI battalion would be quite exotic. I am looking at the Emhar, Airfix and Hat ranges. Trouble is I may buy more than I could paint :(

  2. WW1 is a great era to game mate, get into it. I know what you mean about having more to paint than time often permits, however.

  3. Great stuff mate, I love the pith helmets.

  4. Thanks mate, am looking at some more gallipoli games for later in the year, will keep you posted.

  5. RMLI best marines & troops ever...slightly biased as 'gramps' was RMLI in the great war Ireland & the western front from 1915 - 1918...been thinking about an RMLI theme. I like the idea of mixing the makes of figures up a bit on the stands

  6. Biased? Never! Best troop ever.