Tuesday, February 9, 2010

More Marines

Here are the last of the Marine stands I've been working on. Some serious touching up to do on these lads before they are officially added to the collection, however.

The water can fell over as the glue was drying, so will have to make some effort at fixing that.

The next troop I do will be wearing helmets, but it looks like it's going to be difficult acquiring the necessary donor items to work with, Matchbox figures seem to be as difficult to find as the better of the two Airfix ones; especially as I only need a dozen or so.

This is all that is left of the donor figures, plus a few arms, etc. I think I really made good use of my very limited resources for this project; how Marine like.


  1. The famous commandos by Matchbox!!
    Great idea and application mate!!

    Great painted figs!!


  2. Thanks T. Yeah, the Matchbox set is the only one really worth any attention, be nice to see a decent commercial set of Marines though.

  3. You've got some great conversion ideas there Al, they've come out a real treat !

    Pity the Matchbox figures are so hard to find now, at least at a reasonable price - I've seen people on ebay bidding for them at ridiculously high prices.

  4. Cheers John,

    couldn't agree with you more. I've been watching a couple of auction sites and some of the prices are absurd, given what I want them for. I have, however, just had the most incredibly generous offer from an enthusist, stay tuned.


  5. Bloody nice work mate. I have some Matchbox figs spare if you want some netted helmet heads.

    Might be tempted to try this myself unless you have copyrighted them!!!

  6. Thanks mate, will certainly take you up on that one! Do try conversions yourself, there is so much good work out there from others as well if you're looking for inspiration. Copyright, mmmm!