Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Russell Collection 5

Dave has sent me a few pictures of his recently completed KVs, which I assume young Daniel Russell pictured above is moving his forces to confront.

These are the excellent Pegasus varieties, which only short-coming is the lack of those horrid little things we call decals.

Dave has also been painting infantry by the look of it, which is a bit unusual as he is a tread head at heart.

The few Pegasus kits that I have are very well engineered, and these ones of Dave's look to be equally well designed, I would certainly recommend them as wargame models; fast to build and not too many sundry fiddly bits.

Last one shows the two options you get with this kit. I'm not sure but I think the only other manufacturer to do this was Airfix with their T34.


  1. Great pics!

    The tanks look great. Pegasus offers great quality products! I am planning to buy this kit as well!

    I couldn't help noticing the church on the background. Could you please tell me the manufacturer of it, in case you know it?



  2. Thanks T, yeah the Pegasus stuff is very good. I think the church is Heller or Faller, German model railway stuff. I've seen them on E-bay from time to time for around 20 Euros.