Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Completed SU76. I ended up having a few parts left over, as per usual.

The small brass parts included with this kit proved very difficult to attach successfully but I managed to use most of them.

This one shows the wretched track assembly that caused me so much grief.

Overall these are well engineered kits that have a tremendous amount of detail for their scale.


  1. Good work on this one mate. Nice gritty paint scheme as well.

  2. Thank you Paul. I am experimenting with dry-brushing, and plan to get some washes and dips soon to see what they can do.

  3. Well done

    I heed your point regarding so much detail

    I am a modeller at heart but even I am tending to look at the fast-build kits as being good enough.

    A nice paint job and few extras bits from the spare box here and there works wonders, better than 400+ small parts

  4. Thamks Geordie. It seems we think alike, though it will be some time before fast-builds are up with things selection wise.