Thursday, September 9, 2010


One of the better kits from Ace this one, it went together quite well and didn't have a lot of parts.

This armoured car dates from the early 1930s but was still in service for the invasions of Poland and France.

I added a couple of crew figures from the Revell field artillery set.

This counts as a weak AFV in CD3 as it has an open top and is wheeled. I chose markings from 1940 so you might see it in use against the BEF at Calais this weekend.


  1. Nice kit, though it is lightly armed in my eyes!
    You will send us the AAR after this weekend won't you??


  2. That's a really good looking model. If have to keep an eye out for one in 15mm.

  3. That's really cute. I love the pose of the guy manning the gun, he's so incredibly blasé about invading France.

  4. Excellent Al, respect!

    I acquired two of these from MMS metal models, my affluent time in London before kids

    The sort of thing you go to war with when you are not quite ready with PzIII, PzIV and 222/231 production

    Blizkrieg 1940 = Lightning War = War on the economic fast and cheap (aka Albert Speer)

    It puts my late war Tigers and behemoth tanks to shame.

    I must photograph my early war kit

  5. Thanks lads. I'd really like to see some others early war collections; sooner the better.

  6. Al

    looks great- i dont much early war kit- as one always gets so wound up in late war gear!