Saturday, September 18, 2010

Foreign Legion 1940

Just the usual finishing work to do on these. With a mixture of HaT, Pegasus, Esci and Revell I managed to complete an entire early war battalion.

The Legion had several units involved in the Battle of France, these will end up representing one them sooner or later.

Some of the kepis needed substantial trimming of excess plastic but they look okay.

I have three early war French battalions now but no regimental assets, so I might look to do some of these in the future also.


  1. Very, very awesome! Support company a highlight.

  2. Must agree, and the conversions / head-swaps are brilliant.

  3. Re: Use in Battle of France, I hope the pro-German elements in the Foreign Legion battalion have been weeded out

    Crack troops, experienced troop with high morale I assume?

  4. Absolutely mate, no bloody fifth columnists here!

    Morale, either experienced or veteran, M9/10

  5. Nice subject and greatly painted figs Al!
    Well done!


  6. I like these French! Great conversions!