Saturday, September 25, 2010

The Second KV1

Here is the other KV, same but different.

This one had a couple of coats of thin black wash applied before highlighting.

There seems very little difference between the two, except that the first one has retained a bit more of the Russian Green base colour, and the second is a bit darker around the suspension gear. I really like these kits by Pegasus. They are cheap and go together very well, highly recommended.


  1. Variety of shade is a good thing IMHO

    Excellent paint job, it really brings out the kits detail

  2. I like the paint job, especially the highlights. It's impressive how the hobby techniques have changed in the past few years. I put together my first kit in the last 20 years or so. I used your paint style (I'll show it off soon).

  3. I'll be keen to see those. This style of painting is quite new to me, as you can tell from my older posts. I have learnt a lot from the Blogs' of others.