Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Here is a KV1 that I have been working on.

I have another that I will paint in a slightly different way, probably using a wash or two.

This one has only been highlighted, about four shades I think.

I need a command figure for the second one also, and I plan to compare the two once finished, and settle on the same style for all of my vehicles. This was painted with Velleyeo Russian Green, a very nice paint to work with indeed. Just a little tidying up left to do.


  1. Nicely painted Al!
    Isn't this tank made from Pegasus models? A great purchase may I say!


  2. Thanks. You are correct T, Pegasus fast-build, this company make excellent, reasonably priced kits

  3. Nice work Al

    Great minds think alike I have a KV-1 and Russian tank theme going at the moment

    I must pick up some Vallejo Russian Green when I get the chance on the strength of your recommendation

  4. Man, I wish there were more Pegasus kits in my locals. They seem to make beautiful stuff.

  5. Agreed, excellent models and the Vellejo paints are proving to be so as well

  6. Nice looking piece Al. painting looks spot on!

  7. Very nice work there!

    I love the Pegasus Hobbies kits, and really enjoyed putting together the KV-1s. Simple to put together, robust, and yet some nice detail.

    I also have their SU-152 and BT-7's. The light tanks in particular are a real doddle to put together. I hope they release T-60 or T-70 one day.

  8. Fully agree with you Robert, there are still a great many vehicles this company can do for the enthusiast.