Tuesday, November 23, 2010

German 75L12

Last couple of metal guns that I have.

Standard German infantry gun, in service from the early 1930s until 1945.

These are from RAFM, not bad, but not quite the same level of detail and engineering as the others I've featured.

Useful in several units from mountain infantry to punishment formations.


  1. Hi!

    A new member in the blog!

    At the moment I am also building guns!

    My wife means, I have a "gun fever!".

    But mine's are made from plastic.

    Those metals are looking also very good.

    Thanks for the photos!



  2. Punishment formations??
    You are beginning to scare me Al! :-)
    Nice effect on them. I am not very fond in metal models, but yours came out very well!

  3. Ta boys, most of my guns are plastic too, limbers, got a few but they're pretty rough. T, I've actually got punishment battalions for Russia and Germany:)

  4. Those 75L12's could knock Allied formations about a bit

    Tommy Brit and Harry Yank had to call in for howitzers whereas Jerry has it on tap!

  5. Nice. Are those marking on the blast shield authentic?

  6. They look okay mate.You should have a look at the amount of pieces in the Pegasus kit,loads of them.

  7. Yeah, they're okay models really, markings, think they are for a motorised formation?

  8. I did up those same guns at the start of this year (I think). They turn out pretty well, don't they? You've done very well with yours!