Sunday, November 14, 2010

Russian Gun

A present from the ever generous Gerard Davey of Hokitika.

I think this is a 76L39; a direct fire weapon found at the battalion level in most cases.

Eight parts total, quite tidy, no idea of its manufacture.

Painted with Vallejo Russian Green, no ink.

Very cool addition. I was most impressed with one Paul made, so this turning up unexpected was a real plus. The only one of these I have, now to make some gunners to go with it... eventually.


  1. Great score and nicely painted. November is "Gun Month" on 20th Century Wargames!!!

  2. Tiny little thing...looks very delicate..are you going to base it?

  3. I'm impressed with the quality and quantity of you two Kiwi's

    You are touching the parts of the OoB that lots of collections miss

    There certainly seems to be a lot of WWII kit coverage. Long gone of the days of Airfix Tiger and Sherman being the only kits available

    Gawd bless the Internet for one thing!

  4. Really love artillery and this gun is ace!

    Greets, WNAT (wargame news and terrain blog)

  5. Alot of guns like Paul says.Keep them comming I say mate,very nice work!

  6. Imagine the recoil when that puppy is fired- such a light trailer for a big gun!

  7. Thoughtful comment lads, cheers. I've got a couple of guns on bases but it tends to affect where you can place on a tabletop, so these will probably stay as is.

  8. Good painting Al!
    I agree with you about the bases! It's better for the guns not to have bases, so they can be put anywhere in the battlefield!