Sunday, December 12, 2010

Completed Sonia

Finished. A bit lighter on the camo than the box art but I'm happy with it.

The base colour comes from a test-pot of house paint, I just shaded it a little to get a better match

The decals did not go on hassle-free as usual but we got there in the end

Added slightly larger bombs from the bits box as the ones that came with it were a bit on the small side

Rear gunner detail. Added a drum magazine to the machine gun as per Paul's suggestion

This was a great kit to make, and I enjoyed the mini competition side of putting it together too. I finish work early next week - 50 days of annual leave, joy! - so will begin construction on the only other unmade plane that I have then, a Bristol Bulldog.


  1. Nicely finished sir!Decals are a pain in the arse.The camo looks good mate.

  2. Mate! Your best aircraft build yet, blooming terrific, well done!

  3. Very impressive. Great job all round. What paint colour did you use to paint the pilots?

  4. Nice plane for the collection Al :)

    Have you got any plans as to who will be on the receiving end for it?

  5. Jolly nice work there mate. It's almost enough to get me off my chuff and make a P-47 Thunderbolt I've got stored away to support my Italian Kiwis. Almost...

    Enjoy your break, I'm certainly looking forward to mine. Three and a half days...but who's counting?!


  6. Nice weathering on the airplane! Really love the battered look of it!

  7. Thanks lads, the tank crew pilots got a standard flying jacket brown with obligitory fur collar and mae-west in yellow

  8. Very nice indeed - I am suitably intimidated about building anything in that scale.

  9. Great work Al!
    Love to camo effect!!!!