Saturday, December 18, 2010


Another of my favourites, the DH2.

This one is by Revell and was a very poorly engineered kit. It had a lot of flash and many of the parts were misshapen or bent in some way

Despite this being quite a manoeuvrable aircraft it was fairly quickly outclassed by the likes of the Albatross D.1, though remained it in service until late 1917

As usual the decals proved a bit of a challenge

This model has seen only a couple of games set in early 1916 but I have some other scenarios that it will probably feature in once I get my early war BEF collection finished.


  1. I agree. The kit is a real pain. Not only is it a swine to build but it´s pretty badly designed..the cockpit on mine was so out of line I had to use filler to hide the gaps. A nice little plnae all the same and one of the better looking pushers.
    I see you didn´t have a go at the rigging...I don´t blame you..I nearly had a nervous breakdown rigging mine...
    Yours looks well painted..and you managed to get the roundel transfers on!! I gave up and painted them

  2. Cracking plane mate.Not brave enough to do the rigging?I don't blame you either,you should check out Pauls(Pauls bods).

  3. Thanks boys, too kind. I'd like to get a Handley Page 0400 to do, rigging and all, I hear that particular one will keep a masochist happy for days!

  4. Really good effort. Great looking plane.