Monday, December 20, 2010

Minor Nations Cavalry

Adaptions rather than conversions these, I put them together with my small Polish collection in mind, but have since decided that they will also do for French and possibly Dutch and Belgian as well.

All of the figures are from the HaT WW1 French artillery set.

This is the recon stand, all of the figures had things like ammunition pouches and rifles added, and the horses got saddle furniture from the bits box.

Next couple are of the commanding officer riding his magnificent black charger.

All of the figures and horses have had minor touching up since the pictures were taken

Don't know where the lances originate from but they don't look too bad, more bits box spares

For CD3 this represents a squadron of about ninety men and whilst they can be dismounted to fight as infantry they are most effective in the saddle where they have a high close-assault rating - against everything except tanks!

Not exactly in line with plane month, it's just what I've been working on in between wrestling with the Bulldog that I'm building - which is a mare.


  1. We all have to take a break every once in a while Al!
    Great work!! :-)

  2. A really nice job on those figures! Any battle reports in the pipline?


  3. Very good looking conversions

  4. Thanks boys, this holidays were doing Poland 1939, Messines 1917 and one or two others yet to be decided.

  5. Cheers Geordie, Merry Christmas to you too