Friday, December 17, 2010

Fairey Battle

An all time favourite of mine, despite its disappointing combat performance. This model has featured in several early war games and has plenty more left in it yet.

I have had this in my collection for at least ten years. Don't know how many make it, but this one is by Airfix

I painted this long before developing new techniques but I still like it

Its actual abilities are not detailed in the rules as it simply represents a light bomber unit but I like to have models that fit the scenarios whenever possible.


  1. I can vouch that I have destroyed many German targets with this actual aircraft, and have never been shot down(As yet).

  2. Models is like the team you support Al!
    It may not always win (combat performance), but you always stick to it and support it!
    After all, it's not a simple love. It's an idea!!!And you don't switch ideas by the impulse!! :-)
    Great work Al!

  3. This is on my Xmas list :)

    I have not seen one in the local model shops but I have the in-laws on the case

    Nice one Al, you are making me feel all Christmassey (I just hope I've been a good boy)

  4. Nice work on the camo

  5. I love the Fairey Battle - probably because it turned out to be such a bad 'plane in service. Someone turned up at a game I ran a few years ago with a beautiful 1/144 scratchbuilt Battle. I must dig out the photos.

  6. Nice. I find it intersting when I see "old" modells and the development of abilities during the years.

  7. Not the most beautiful of aircraft - but like you I like it Maybe it's the British trait of always supporting an underdog!


  8. Is it really RAF topside Belgian underside?

  9. Ah, yeah, believe so mate, never been too good with markings and such like. Until recently I just applied whatever I thought looked good:)

  10. Love the camo scheme on this plane mate.