Thursday, April 21, 2011

NBC Soviets - finished

Not a lot extra done on these, except a light green wash on one or two stands

The difference in uniforms doesn't matter too much as they look okay as a group

The masks were probably the most difficult to paint

Awkward things to wear at the best of times and rather unforgiving on the soldier who hasn't shaved for a day or so, rub, rub, chafe, chafe, ouch!

The command platoon

Most modern stuff has a higher rate of fire than your standard WW2 platoon owing to the high proportion of assault rifles; this means for heavier loads to yomp however, you really feel it carrying all that extra ammo

All ready for the capitalist west imperialist aggressors, comrades.


  1. Blooming lovely mate. Really nasty lot of blighters! Forward to the Rhine!

  2. Thanks boys, yeah they'll do

  3. When I was in the army, shaving was the worst part of it.....
    Great work Al!

  4. yes !! Great work !! I like this look !!