Saturday, April 2, 2011

Russian AAHMG

Been working on these off and on since they arrived last week, Orion's latest offering of WW2 figures
The sculpting is quite good although there was a little flash to remove, still they paint up well. CD doesn't normally require three figures on the base to represent the platoon, but with a number of them pointing their weapons skyward I thought I'd use them anyway

This unit appears in a variety of places in early war Russian OOBs in particular, but most commonly at the regiment or brigade level. You get a few other poses of figures in the anti-aircraft mode also, and I will try to use some of them on the next stand I do just to make it look a bit different from this one.


  1. Great work. A nice addition to your Red Hoard

  2. That looks really good. Really unusual as well.

  3. A nice set and a great paintjob!

  4. Cheers lads, not a bad price with some useful and original poses

  5. A rather unusual bunch of figures, brought out extremely well!
    Great work Al!!!