Wednesday, April 27, 2011


This is the second one of these I have now and a very good addition it is too

About 40 parts, well engineered and no flash

I cut out the turret hatch and included a crew figure from the spares box

Some minor tidying up still to do on the black lining and tracks but otherwise complete

This seems to be a difficult model to get hold of, and eventually I'd like one more so as to have a full company of three

This is the first one of these that I did whilst living in Asia. Its paintwork has had a little touch-up also

Probably my favourite French tank of the WW2 era.


  1. Having seen in in the flesh (mind you I did have a dram in my other hand) it looks better in real life.

    Repaint the other froggie one mate!

    Great work and impressive Whiskey!

  2. Great work Al. The dude in the hatch is a very nice touch.


  3. Ah the poor French. They came so damn close to getting their armour sorted out before the German's invaded. Had that invasion been delayed another 6 months, I'd suggest it would have been a whole different story.

    Like the armour, you got any of the Pegasus or Caesar WW2 French figures to go with them?

  4. They didn't produce much after all Al!
    Good work my friend!

  5. Nice kit and intersting colour-scheme! The french tanks of WW2 are often underestimated.

  6. Nice kit and enhanced by the tidy paintwork. I think this is quite an old kit - it was available here a few years ago but seems to have disappeared again.

  7. Thanks boys, I really enjoy researching, etc this era, fasinating. I'm getting quite a reasonable French collection together, in CD terms about a battalion of armour and something like 5 or 6 battalions of infantry. Maybe I'll do a feature, The French Collection:)

  8. PF, ah yes the dram:) Still, nobody 'fell out' on the march:) Special Day, as good as any 11th I've ever done

  9. Love the blog style! Keep up the great work!

  10. Nice kit, pity it's OOP now as I would add some to be used as beutepanzer!

    Nice painting by the way!

  11. nice one. I really dig this tank.

  12. I did read a few reviews that said this kit was crap, but yours pretty tidy mate, might I have to get one myself.

    Cheers Rich.

  13. Hi Al. Nice site. I'm a gamer in Rotorua and have an unmade Somua sitting around. If you want it send an e-mail to natholeon at with your physical address and I'll post it down.

  14. ndc. Thanks, very nice of you to offer, you have a very cool blog too, link added