Saturday, January 21, 2012

Project Progress

A bit of an update on my late war Panzergrenadiers but still a long way to go, with engineers and 120mm mortars still to add

Rifle platoons, x2 per company

Weapons platoons, which historically would have had four medium machineguns and a pair of 81mm mortars, x1 per company

Antitank platoons, x1 per company

Command Infantry platoons, x1 per company.


  1. Good production and nice work.......

  2. Very nice. That last shot, are those Caesar figures?


  3. Nice. I used the same hat and Pegasus figs in my units. Another great set are the Caesar guys with the smocks, I use them in my units also. I like how the fall camo turned out.

  4. These are coming on nicely, much better progress than last time I saw them.

    Well done!

  5. Thanks boys. Nick, mostly Pegasus figures mate, haven't actually seen the Caesar ones in the flesh yet

  6. Good work
    I think you have nailed the late war look

  7. This is such a brilliant paint job. I would be patting myself on the back where you are thinking you have a long way to go. Thanks for posting.