Friday, January 20, 2012

Project Progress

A bit of an update on my late war Panzergrenadiers but still a long way to go, with engineers and 120mm mortars still to add

Rifle platoons, x2 per company

Weapons platoons, which historically would have had four medium machineguns and a pair of 81mm mortars, x1 per company

Antitank platoons, x1 per company

Command Infantry platoons, x1 per company.


  1. Very nice. That last shot, are those Caesar figures?


  2. Nice. I used the same hat and Pegasus figs in my units. Another great set are the Caesar guys with the smocks, I use them in my units also. I like how the fall camo turned out.

  3. These are coming on nicely, much better progress than last time I saw them.

    Well done!

  4. Thanks boys. Nick, mostly Pegasus figures mate, haven't actually seen the Caesar ones in the flesh yet

  5. Good work
    I think you have nailed the late war look

  6. This is such a brilliant paint job. I would be patting myself on the back where you are thinking you have a long way to go. Thanks for posting.