Monday, January 16, 2012

Tarawa, the game part 2

Japanese RHQ at the southern end of their line, this unit was destroyed (as it was historically) by naval gunfire at around 2pm; about turn 7. Figures are Airfix.

This is the rear or the airfield defences, showing the northern Japanese RHQ and the reserve company of infantry attached to them

Marines supported by their light armour 

Venerable Airfix Marines in action along the seafront. The yellow markers indicate about 1/3 casualties. The rubble to the left of pictures is a destroyed pillbox

Close quarters fighting around one of the few remaining fortified areas at the southern end of the island

Just inland from Red Beach, the Marines encountered strong resistance from this area around the village and had to wait a turn or two for support to arrive

The support. US aircraft smashed the Japanese positions just about every time it turned up

Losses of armour did not hold up the drive inland. 

More armour landing on the now quiet Red Beach. Tanks are Hasegawa and Armourfast, Landing ship by Matchbox

Pack howitzer by Waterloo 1815 firing in support of the assault on the village

Marines move past wrecked Japanese armour

The end result of one of the Japanese human wave assaults at the southern end of the island. Several Japanese companies tried this tactic with fairly limited success

Marines on the airfield, not far from the last pockets of Japanese resistance. One of the best games we've ever played. Will post a few more random pictures for you all in a couple of days.



  1. This is all looking fantastic. Fantastic vehicles, superb scenery and good figures, plus well-chosen photos.

  2. It does look to be way cool. How long did the actual game take?

    Might it be re-fought with different set ups? What ifs? Even different forces?


  3. Thanks boys. Nick, good question, short answer, yes. This game was only 12 turns 9am-6.30pm Day 1 of 3. Took us about 8 hours to play but we did a lot of drinking:)

  4. Awesome looking game Al. Really nice photos.

  5. Fantastic !!!
    The pleasant feeling after the effort you put for making this, must be overwhelming!
    Well done!

  6. Another really good battle report - superb photos as well!

  7. Epic

    Well done :)

    Wished I could have been there to play it with you it looks absolutely fantastic set-up


  8. Very good looking game. I love the old Airfix figures. What's next?

  9. Thanks boys. Mike, we've been thinking about Monte Cassino but it would be a very difficult map to construct for CD3, the other option was Crete, will keep you posted.

  10. What a set up !!!! Lovely game table and photos Al.

    Very nice and creative job on the scenery and figures