Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Somewhere near the Marne

First up from Games Week 2012, a small Franco-German encounter set in the first few weeks of the Great War. The kit is all from my WW1 collection

Dave's German cavalry sets out and quickly locates the advancing French infantry

Extreme right of the French line

And, extreme left

Part of the German advance. The Germans had six battalions of infantry plus artillery and cavalry to the French five battalions of infantry and artillery

These are actually French Marines but we needed the extra troops so here they are taking up positions in a small wood

Centre positions here, both sides tried to capture and hold the best covered areas which produced some very heavy fighting

German field artillery firing in support of a large attack on a farm that the French had taken earlier

The Farm. The French tried to reach the German artillery a couple of times from here but lacked the numbers in the end, and just contented themselves with small arms exchanges with the Germans in the fields opposite

Centre-rear of the French positions, with their artillery on the hill

One of the many hard fought encounters over the wooded areas that offered the most cover

We only played seven turns but it was good to do something a bit different. Next up, Tarawa.


  1. Nice game - just right to get me in the mood for Mons tomorrow night!

  2. Blimey, Al - that's what I call a war game ;)
    Nice one!

  3. That looked fantastic,I really love the early war WWI stuff, great painting on your part!

  4. Very cool. Those early French look great. Not exactly subtle!


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    1. Sorry for deleting my message, still getting the hang of this. Again, great looking game. Ben.

  6. Did you use CD "Over the Top"?

    Looked an interesting little encounter

  7. Great report.
    Looks like you are having a great week.



  8. Great looking game. Really liked the artillery in the woods.

  9. Lovely stuff my friend, lots and lots of figures you can never go wrong with that.....

  10. Thanks lads, it was good to play something this early, almost had a slightly Napoleonic feel to it:)

  11. Yep, CD Over the Top it was Geordie