Friday, July 5, 2013

Cold War British Infantry, continued...

x4 new units added, all for the late 1950s-1980s period

All have exactly the same mix of ACTA and Matchbox figures

Regimental unit includes recon and Anti-tank groups. Here are the regimental assets from my earlier cold war  British efforts

First up, Marines


MMG platoons


Marines... again :)

More Para, Sunray up front

+ x2 battalions of Guards

For CD the rate of fire for cold war platoons is x2, most WW2 platoons only have a RoF of x1

These units will work through about a 30 year period. I'll still use these figures as well The organisations of later battalions really only add or remove machinegun platoons, so don't really alter the core unit size

I now have x7 battalions of similarly armed British infantry 


  1. My my you have been a busy bootneck Al. These are looking great mate.

    How about a post for me on the second Mortar loader conversion?

  2. Thanks Paul, we can do some really big cold war stuff now