Monday, July 29, 2013

More Cold War Russians

Like my earlier attempts, a mixture of Esci WW2 + Spetsnaz. I managed a motorised regiment, now all I need is the motors, which may later come in the form of the new S-Models BDRM-2 and BMP1s. 

RHQ, battalion commanders to the rear

RHQ assets, mounted recon squad, anti tank and anti aircraft platoons

MMG Company. Grouped as a company at the regimental level but also attachable

Battalion Z

Battalion Y

Command Machinegun platoons, both battalions have these

A few of the rifle platoons

Battalion mortar platoons

The Regiment. I now have enough here to play a decent game against my cold war British


  1. great stuff! it's very useful that the Russians have not changed their helmet for so long makes it very easy to do conversions, with a bit of GS you could probably even make modern Russians out of these guys.

    I must say though a few kalashnikovs there were not on the figure before, where they cut off from the spetnaz figures or got by other means?

    1. Thanks Gowan, thoughtful comment mate, all assault rifles came from the Spetsnaz set this time, the two links are to other attempts using weapons from other sets, but mostly the same one:

    2. thanks.

      must say it would be nice if there was a normal set of Soviets, availible as currently I think the only option there is is conversions or metal. I think I am discounting an Airfix set.

  2. Nicely done Bootneck! You are growing a Cold War in leaps and bounds mate.

    1. Thanks old mate, trying to keep up with you! :)