Sunday, July 21, 2013

Paper Terrain

Bit of an experiment with this, never used paper models before

Glued onto firm card

Cut out

Stuck together. Still not sure about these but they might just do until I can get some new model railway buildings. Have looked at this site a few times and might try one of the smaller village packs in 20mm as a bit of a tester - stay tuned


  1. I'm getting ready to try out some paper models for some sci-fi. Not sure how they will come out, but I'm going to give it a try.

    I think the ones you have are fine for temporary use. Buildings are bloody expensive and sometimes you just can't afford to buy everything you want.

    1. Agreed, buildings for games are expensive, and you can never have too many to choose from :)

  2. I just can.t get paper terrain to look like anything. It always warps on me.

  3. Nothing to be ashamed of Al. They shall do the job.

  4. Think the buildings might be 25mm? Will try another couple before I make my mind up :)

  5. Try using foam board to give a firm, durable model; I use the range by Dave Graffam Models. Good value and plenty of choice; once you've 'tuned into them' there's no turning back ;)