Wednesday, July 10, 2013


Paul sent me these so I could make some cold war Russians to use against my new British forces

Mixed with the old Esci set, now Italeri


RPG2 antitank platoon on the left, standard rifle platoon on the right

Not a great variety of poses but I at least have enough figures now to make a couple of battalions, or perhaps a weak regiment if I include the PM1910 mmg as pictured below; they were still in use in the 1960s

The last two are just to show figure scale next to the old 40 Series


  1. Great work Al, they look very business like. Always happy to help mate.

    Cheers for the size comparison, they look spot on.

  2. Nice conversions! Me too was planning to make some conversions out of those two boxes. I'd go for all new Italeri releases though, because are made in a more gluable plastic it seems.