Friday, July 26, 2013

Zombie Game 1

Me and Tracy played my zombie board game the other night, as usual, I played the zombies. The heroes mission was to find the keys to the truck and escape

Incredibly hot, buxom, nursey-chick uses her trusty pump-action shotgun to see off a couple of 'walkers' early in the game

While she was doing this the policeman and the priest filled the empty fuel tank on the pickup truck, from a tin filled at the gas station

A few turns of searching and killing zombies, mostly at close-quarters it has to be said, sees Jake the Drifter find the keys to the truck on a table in the gas station

Heavy rain gave the zombies a sporting chance late in the game, and a couple of heroes had close calls

The heroes now begin to assemble at the truck, ready to make their escape

The zombies managed to pose a serious threat on the last couple turns, and a group of them attacked at once...

However, all were dispatched with ease (with the priest being particularly combative) and the heroes made their escape in the truck 

Better than watching television any night of the week, next time I might get to play the heroes :)


  1. Very cool. You're lucky. My wife just rolls her eyes and returns to Facebook when ever I bring out any of my silly games!

  2. Looks like a fun game. Is it only for two players?
    My brother in law has convinced my wife to try Illuminati again this Sunday afternoon.

  3. Looked and sounded good, my other half won't even play with me!!!!!

  4. Yeah, pity she's not into WW2! 2-6 players. Board games are cool when you find a good one

  5. cool game! I need to get my hands on some decent rules before I can even think of playing some games. zombies are cool. better than TV? depends what on my friend. Game of Thrones, Top Gear (Dr Who, sorry I am a fan) I would miss a game for those. then again depended on the game, and if I could record the shows...

    1. Have to concede there Gowan, Game of Thrones is pretty cool, Top Gear I go without though :)