Monday, October 20, 2014

0400 - Progress

Getting down to the finer details of the 0400, only to discover that there are several flaws to this very old kit, not the least being a few parts missing!

Engine struts. I had to make these replacements with some tubing given to me by Gerard Davey  quite some time ago, not the best match but all I had available

These two are for Col Mate, I've been trying to email you but the address keeps bouncing back. Is there any chance you can make me a copy of the rigging strut in the pictures out of resin, as I am unable to copy this, though not through lack of trying

Much bogging and sanding still to be done. The right hand wing is particularly warped and only massive amounts of green-stuff can help. This model is never going to win any prizes but as a wargames addition I'm still looking forward to completing it.....eventually!


  1. Hang in there Al, it'll look spectacular when it's done!

  2. much job to do, but a really good model!
    keep going and you'll be satisfied of the result.

  3. It will be worth it when it appears on the table. Good luck.

  4. Yep, she's a long time WIP this one lads