Saturday, October 25, 2014

Me163 Komet

Tidy, accurate, little kit by Academy

Mostly painted on sprue

Base colours, plus the all important pilot selection from the spares box

Operational from around mid 1944, they apparently did not perform to expectation. They had a very limited combat range of about 50km and only enough fuel for 8-10 minutes of powered flight

I actually have a couple of CD3 scenarios where these feature as part of the German air support, so it may get a little table time at some stage. Nice kit, detailed and well engineered.


  1. Great model Al! Did these have an upward firing gun so they could shot at the bombers from underneath. I used to have an old PC game "Secret Weapons of the Luftwaffe" and these used to feature (along with other weird aircraft) prominently.

  2. great model!
    german jet fighters of WWII are always good subjects.

  3. Thanks lads, not sure about the guns on this one Col, I'll have to do a bit more reading :) It may yet get a repaint over the summer holidays, we'll see

  4. Nice job. You could also use it on the table as a downed jet that marks a VP point.

  5. very cool .. may help book ' rocket fighter by william green Purnell's history of the second world war ..weapons book , no 20 .. maybe to much 4 the head ....