Tuesday, October 7, 2014

WIP - Buildings

Got back into a bit of scenery over the weekend

Good size this one, but will probably add a floor to the second level

Another Airfix resin one on the go too. I bought this from a rather sad little hobby store when I was in the city last week, I sort of felt sorry for them and nabbed this for $23 on my way out; usually I won't pay any more than $20 for one of these, x2 for $20 would be more like it :)

I actually quite like these models but you don't see them on sale often enough.


  1. Good blanks.
    You have a good heart, whether you pity to vendor of small shop or maybe you fell in love with seller

  2. Nice looking terrain. Definitely something that I can't afford to buy.

  3. Airfix currently have a couple of WW2 buildings on the 'last chance to buy' section of their UK website at £10 - not sure how that compares or what the shipping might be?

  4. That card one - did you design and make it yourself? Sweet! Nice to see the NZ flag in the background too! :-)

    1. Yeah, I did, but stenciled from another model. Mate that flag has been some places including Iraq, Somalia and the Former Yugoslavia, I hope it might become a bit of an heirloom one day; the reverse has a small tag on it signed by all of my mates from Op Telic

  5. They surely look the part Al. Have fun with them! Nice places for cover. :)