Sunday, October 12, 2014

Coastal Defense Guns

I've had these for ages and they have featured in the odd game or two as well

Recently I trimmed them back a bit and mounted them on card bases

I think the bigger two are Rocco, the center one a 5.5" by Airfix

Will fit with any nation's requirements

Useful additions.


  1. I really like all this unusual stuff you come up with - the guns look great!

  2. Αnd now, let them come...
    Excellent pieces Al. :)

  3. Coastal defence seems very strong to combat to enemy forces.
    I know, be cause i'm served coastal artillery, shooter and a spotter work
    Tampella 152/50 cannon battery

  4. "If I wasn't a Gunner, I wouldn't be here"! Go Go Gunnery! Great models Al.