Friday, October 3, 2014

Vickers Medium MkII

Reinforcements for my Home Guard units and other Operation Sealion type stuff continue with this addition 

Six parts in total

Research suggests that anything armoured would have been used in the event of an invasion, including training vehicles and other equipment regardless of their age or design

Some of these saw active service in the Western Desert and the Far East, though quite a few were sold to foreign nations before the outbreak of WW2. Officially, this was still in service around the time Sealion was being planned

Usual Vallejo paintwork, decals a mixture of early cruiser ones, and a couple from a WW1 Whippet. 


  1. Very cool. A "Germans Invade" game using these disparate forces would be cool.

  2. Cool
    Very cool

    I have one that's been 10 years waiting to be painted for the early war Western Desert

    You may have just prompted me to paint it ;)

  3. Great Model Al! I am seriously considering doing one or two of these in 1/32. The Australian Army used them out here before WW2.

  4. Fine, old model, and very rare.

  5. Very nice indeed. Do like the old Vickers Medium tank.

  6. Lovely! Many years ago we played a few games with a whole regiment (at 1:1) of 1/32 scale Mediums made from foam rubber. I'll try to find the photos....

  7. I really, really want one of these for my interwar army.

  8. Oh yeah, you've got to have a few of these. Work well for France '40 as well.
    Nice job finishing this one.

  9. If ugly is good Al, then its a winner. My money is on the Germans!!

  10. Great comments gang, thanks. These are nicely detailed little models that are very good value for money. Might not get a lot of game time, but an excellent addition to my collection nonetheless

  11. Nice to see a proper tank :O)

    Regards, Chris.