Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Pegasus German Infantry

No point in showing you the whole lot, you can see them all assembled at PSR. These are very finely detailed miniatures and some have several parts. There is a pretty good selection of poses, and the figures have a range of gear on them; including the usual running with grenade tucked into boot (ouch!).

I'm thinking the two sets might not mix that well together, but I'll have a play around with them and see how we go. Will start with taking a few of the Matchbox figures off their bases, but I might have to include a few more spares, such as rifle slings, to make them match a bit better.


  1. Hi Al - they look like they are soft plastic so is it a problem fixing the bits together?


  2. Hi Ian, yeah, they're not bad at all. The plastic is softish, yet the weapons remain rigid. I've used standard Tamiya glue on some and super glue on others, no problems thus far.

  3. I have some of the Pegasus 1939 German Inf and all the parts are slightly off putting. To be fair Imex are as tricky. I am a cautious superglue person when it comes to soft plastics.

    Not too sure how well they will mix though. Pegasus look far more detailed. i watch with interest ;)

  4. I like this Pegasus set. Nice poses and good details. I´ve painted some of them a few months ago and was satisfied with the results. No problems with the assembly.

  5. They look good Al, but I am still waiting for the new hard plastic stuff from Plastic Soldier Company which is still to emerge...

    Let us know how they paint up, mate.


  6. Thanks a lot boys, interesting comments. I too am waiting on the new figures - yet delayed again! Stay tuned.