Saturday, June 19, 2010


My mate Paul over at has recently put together a quite excellent AAMG stand for his WW2 BEF collection, and I thought I might show you all my own attempt.

I made this stand some time ago and have learnt a lot about converting since. The donor figure was an Esci Marine, the right arm, holding the Bren gun, is off an 8th Army figure of some description, and the left is from a Valiant one, heavily shaved down to meet the required scale. The loader is from Revell, with a magazine added.

The last picture shows what I tried to model it on, they are metal but I don't know by whom, possibly SHQ? I have thought many times about doing another of these but always seem to have other things on the go. I have some holidays coming up soon and plan to do some more Royal Marines with figures that were sent to me by Chris from Auckland. Another mate, model maker extraordinaire Gerard Davey from Hokitika, just sent me some British infantry, so I now have plenty of figures to chose from.


  1. I am humbled, great work eith the conversions Al.
    Really well done!

  2. I think it matches my more expensive but as yet unpainted (other than undercoat) SHQ pairing!

    Well done, excellent conversion :)

  3. Great conversion. I like it! I think I will use your idea in near future. Of course if you give me permission :)

  4. :) Help yourself mate, I get plenty of my ideas from you!