Tuesday, June 22, 2010

39/40 German Infantry

Have completed only sixteen platoons of about fifty required for the regiment. Been working long hours and studying for exams, which are tomorrow, so this is all I've managed to do for a while.

The figures are very animated and well posed. I have resolved to paint all multi part figures on the sprue henceforth.

Tried to include a few features, such as piping on collars where possible and helmet insignia, doubtful that the rest of this unit will receive the same attention.

These platoons are all from Pegasus, except the Matchbox officer. 1st Battalion will be almost exclusively Pegasus figures, 2nd Battalion a mixture of Matchbox and Pegasus, and 3rd Battalion all Matchbox, with a few head swaps for variety.

Will show you the lot later on down the track, now back to the books.


  1. Here come the Jerries!!!!

    Nice painting on some very difficult figures Al!

    Will wait to see the rest of them! Keep posting!

    Well done!!!

    p.s: Good luck with your exams!!!

  2. Nice work and a good idea to mix these Pegasus Figures with the Matchbox ones. I will keep it in mind for my platoons.

  3. Yeah, the Pegasus set is nice and not that much smaller, thanks lads.

  4. Hey mate, these are looking great. Nice selection of poses on your bases.

    Keep up the good work!