Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Stug III B

Been saving this one, Trumpeter's Stug III B. All of about thirty parts, well detailed and engineered and zero flash.

You get a few spare wheels and some other items - but I almost always have a few bits left over anyway:)
Good gamers model, quite solid with practical, snug fitting tracks.
Panzer Grey, Black wash, then dry brushed with progressively lighter shades.

No place for a command figure, but I think the CD OOB only allows for one of these anyway, so it won't be needed.

A bit dearer this one, USD$9, but still a most excellent addition for my early war Germans.


  1. By jingo's mate you are a modeling machine as of late!!!

    Nice looking kit all the same, well done!

  2. Nice painting mate!!

    Well done!!


  3. Cheers boys, nice model to make, easy.

  4. Ooooh, very nice! The local has started stocking Trumpeter. I think I'll be buying some StuGs next week.

  5. Nice kit

    I've been on the road and took some kits with me to make, one of which was a Trumpeter (a KV-1), boy and I impressed with their detail and hassle free put together.

    Hence I am very envious of that kit Al, looks easier and better detailed than my Fujimi versions ;)

    Look out BEF in Calais something troublesome your way comes :(

  6. Like it, Al - looking good!


  7. Thanks again lads, I've had a lot of inspiration from you all, thanks for the positive comments.

  8. Picked up a Trumpeter kit over the weekend. My StuG Ausf E came with quite a bit of flash on the wheels and very over-long tracks. Dunno how I'll be fixing this.

  9. Superglue! Sorry to hear that, I'm wrapped with my one, look forward to seeing your result nonetheless.